Rough times for families in the State of Maine; a paper mill that employs 350 people is suspending production indefinitely, and another large employer eliminated 55 positions. The need to find the right home based business opportunity and make money from home gets greater and greater every day. This motivated me to write some more articles and get this information out to you faster. The third area to evaluate when choosing a company to get involved with according to the Harvard Business School is:


a. Who will this product or service benefit?
If your target is women age 22-27 with naturally curly hair who live in the Midwest, this could be a tough market. While you may have some success, you are probably going to have to offer another product or service to fill the gaps.

To me, it just made sense to have a product or service that most anyone has a need for or can benefit from. If it appeals to men and women, age 18-80, nationwide or worldwide, then I have a very broad demographic I can market to.

Next time, we will look at ultimately what everyone is looking to generate for their efforts – an income. The Compensation Plans can vary widely. We’ll give you tips on the features to evaluate.

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