Well folks, the economy has not gotten any better since our last article. My 401k is now a 101k, and I am happier than ever that I found the right home based job for me. So let’s move on to the second area to evaluate, according to the Harvard Business School, when choosing a company to get involved with.


a. What is the company offering?
I wanted a company that was offering 1 or 2 products or services that I could focus on, believe in and get passionate about. I did not want to be overwhelmed with having to learn about 110 different products, which is best for whom, what are the different markups, etc, etc. I also did not want something that the market was already saturated with. No skin care, vitamins or phone cards for me.

b. Is it something that people or businesses want or need?
I was actually out on line searching for a particular product for myself, when I came across my opportunity. Given this economy and the nation’s unemployment rate, I knew there was a definite need, and would be for years to come.

c. Will the product or service always be needed?
If your income and wealth goals are long term and the product or service only fills a temporary need, will you be willing to start another venture?

I hope this information is as helpful to you as it was to me. In the next page we will review suggestion #3 The Marketplace.

To see the company and products I chose to represent, please read more here.