Money. You want to make some from home. Most of us are hoping to make enough to replace our incomes from our j-o-b and create a better lifestyle for our families. If anyone tells you that you can just click a mouse and get rich quick on the internet, I’ve got some farm land in T2-R9 you can buy – real cheap. Seriously folks, building a business will require some work, but you are putting forth this effort for YOUR own business. So, I think we would all agree, the compensation plan is a very important thing to consider. The fourth area to evaluate, according to the Harvard Business School, when choosing a company to get involved with is:


a. What is your commission for each sale?
b. Is there an opportunity to leverage your time by building a team?
c. Are there overrides or incentives paid on your team’s production?
d. Do you receive residual income on sales and for how long?
e. Does the plan continue to pay if you leave the company?
f. Is your business willable?
g. Do your commissions increase with increased production?

Leverage – great concept if you like helping others succeed and have limited hours available yourself to build your business.
Residuals – money that continues to come in month-after-month, year-after-year, for work you did today.
Look at it this way – if you were ever seriously injured or unable to work, your income would not stop.

In the last article of this series, we will cover timing. What it can mean to your success to position yourself in front of a trend.

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