Timing. They say it is everything in life. This has proven to be especially true in business, and certainly applies when seeking out a lucrative home based business opportunity. Positioning yourself in front of a trend, instead of jumping on the band wagon, can be the difference between succeeding or not. This brings us to the fifth and final area to evaluate, according to the Harvard Business School, when choosing a company to get involved with.


a. Is there a need in the marketplace for the product or service you are considering representing?
This was of special consideration to me given the current economy. Is the market heavily saturated? Is it something that can help someone improve the quality of their life and financial situation?

b. What demographics are you addressing?

c. Is it affordable?
I also considered competition here. If it is a niche product or service with tremendous value for your dollar, and you think others will view it the same way, then you can also be genuine and passionate about representing it.

A few other things to keep in mind here. When HMO’s first started they were rejected and ridiculed. It took 7 years for them to gain 3% of the market share. During the next 7 years they hit “critical mass” and reached 52% of the market share. The need and benefit of these plans to the American public became self-evident, and huge profits were made during this explosive time of growth.

Movers and shakers attract attention. People will often speak negative of something they do not understand. You need to assess what your ultimate goal is and the right vehicle you feel will get you there. Then get in that driver’s seat and do not let go of that wheel until you reach your destination.

I hope you have the opportunity to review all five articles in this series, and that you gain some value from them.

I considered them all very strongly before choosing the right opportunity for me. To learn more click here.