So you want to start your own home based business. You go on line and begin by typing home based business, work from home, online business, make money from home, or something similar in the search engine. Wow! Suddenly you feel like you have entered a time warp and all these alien space ships are flying at you from all directions. Trying to find the right online business is mind boggling, I know, I have spent more time making no money than I would care to admit, until I found an article written by the Harvard Business School on choosing a company. Over the next few articles, I am going to share those suggestions with you.


a. How long they have been in business?
I personally would not get involved with a company that has been in business less than 3 years.

b. How profitable has the company been?
A company with consistent earnings – a graph that is always up and to the right – especially in these economic times, is doing something right.

c. Who is running the company? Is the founder still involved and what sort of team have they surrounded themselves with?
I’m from Maine where we still do business on a handshake. I wanted the leadership of the company to be accessible.

d. What is their Mission Statement?
I wanted a people oriented company. One dedicated to helping others achieve success both personally and financially. I also looked for charitable and community involvement.

I hope this information is as helpful to you as it was to me. In the next page we will review suggestion #2 The Product or Service.

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