The following is an actual email sent to my daughter last night. She works hard toward achieving her goals, which I have wholeheartedly supported, in more ways than one. We do, however, still have those moments where we must continue to parent, and a lesson is learned by all.

Dearest Daughter,

While the pride I feel as your mother makes my bosom swell, and you
are more precious to me than air for my own lungs, I returned home
shortly after 5 PM today, to find the monthly cell plan bill waiting
for me in the mailbox.

Imagine my distress when upon pulling back the envelope flap just
enough to see the amount due, the total was $158.72. OUCH Baby! Very Ouch!!!

It appears there were several additional peak minutes used, pushing us
well over the minutes our monthly plan allows. While I do see some
errors here (they billed us a couple times for calling each other),
the calls they chose to tag as overages were to XXX-XXX-XXX (1),
XXX-XXX-XXXX (many), and a couple of miscellaneous numbers.

Naturally, I plan to call the provider, point out their errors and
plead poverty, however, I think the time has finally come for us to
move forward with our plan to obtain separate cell phone accounts.

In the meantime, please remember that incoming calls to your phone are free, so if you must speak at length during peak hours, ask the person if they can call you back, or wait until after 9 PM or the weekend to call. Of course, calls to your mother can be made any time day or night, and are greatly appreciated.


Your Beautiful Loving Mother : )

If you have any parenting “moments” you would like to share, please do : )