Yes…IF you give them permission to.

It is human nature for people to complain, criticize and condemn. I’m not sure why there are people out there who don’t want to see you succeed, or why they often seem to take on the form of your family members and loved ones. They are quick to tell you that this latest business you are trying to build is – yes, I’m going to say it – a “pyramid scheme”. Or, perhaps they turn a deaf ear and just say “good luck with that”. Or how about, “my girlfriend’s brother’s wife tried that, and they never made any money”. What I have observed throughout my adult life, and this does not necessarily relate to multi-level marketing or direct sales, is people in general will condemn something they do not understand. They do not want to listen to any concept that could take them outside their comfort zone.

For you to succeed in your own home based business, you must fight to keep the negatives out. You must realize that you have made the choice to pursue the business opportunity you feel is best for you. You must be the gatekeeper of your own mind. If you have established your iron clad “why”, then remember that it is YOUR reason, and this is YOUR life. You may even need to do a little housekeeping with some of your relationships. Surround yourself with positive people, people who have achieved want you want to. I’m not talking about coveting or idolizing them, but respecting them for what they have already accomplished. Spend some time observing their interaction with other people in person and on the phone. How do they manage their time? What do they do each and every day that gives them the slight edge and keeps them moving towards their goal? If they are a humble, genuine leader, they will gladly share their knowledge and experience with you.
It is, however, up to you to implement it.

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