Let me tell you what…I am so enjoying the people I am meeting on Twitter. One of my new follows/followers is Sherman Hu. After he DM’d me last Saturday, I went over and took a look at his site “Sherman Live”. Since I am in the process of learning how to set-up my own business blog using WordPress, his interview with Wendy Y caught my eye.

Here is Sherman’s description of the video from his site:

“Wendy Y Bailey of DIY Tech Talk is a colleague and social media buddy on Twitter. She interviewed me about the use of WordPress for business, and expanded on topics ranging from purpose of a blog for business use, plugins – along with my favorite plugins, themes – along with which 3 I recommend, integration with social media, and how to rank well and be visible on Google with blogs.
In this conversation, I shared edu-taining strategies using video to be visible, outrank your competition, and build your brand and expertise – tune in to this part of the conversation!”

The video is a little more than an hour long, but Sherman delivers everything he promises. To go directly to the video click here.

If you are new to WordPress.org, Sherman offers a service called WordPress Tutorials. It is only $9.95/month for the subscription and is jam packed with everything you need to put your own polished, SEO, Google friendly blog out there for your business. I’m including the link to that site, so you are sure to go to the right one. For WordPress Tutorials, click here.

Be sure to give Sherman Hu a follow on Twitter, and tell him Lisa Sawyer sent you. Happy Blogging!