I just returned from a Master Marketing Event in Lake Tahoe. It took me 16 hours, 4 flights and 1 shuttle ride, each way, to get tips, tricks, and proven strategies from some of the top internet/social marketing phenoms in the industry. While they delivered this and more, I was also out there looking for some clarity – the best personal direction for this aspiring entrepreneur.

Wow, where do I begin to explain this . I started 2009 with absolute resolve that this is the year my life is going to turn around. I cannot shake this deep seeded feeling that there is God given talent within me that has lain dormant for far too long and is meant for greater things. I want my life back! I have far too many things I am passionate about, that require time freedom and financial freedom; things that serve others from a humble, grateful heart.

One speaker from the Tahoe event who I do not want to go unrecognized for his valuable contribution is John Kubassek, brother of Jay Kubassek, the co-founder of Carbon Copy Pro, who hosted this event. John’s transparency, his willingness to share sensitive moments from his life’s journey with a roomful of strangers touched me very deeply. So much of what he experienced resonated loudly with me – everything from the young rebellious choices that took him away from family, to self medicating, to failed marriages, to dissatisfaction with working for someone else, to having that revelation that your real purpose in life is something so much more than what you are doing.

You see, I began high school a high honor roll student destined for college. After a move during my sophomore year, I sought acceptance with the wrong crowd, began using illegal stimuli, and ended up quitting high school before graduation. I did obtain my GED that same year, but that meant no formal graduation and no class reunions for me. Most people do not know this, as they meet me now after a 26 year professional career, and assume I must have some sort of degree. I suppose in many ways I do. Becoming a mother at age 22, did change a lot of my self destructive behaviors. There were many times when I would not allow defeat because of this little life’s dependency on me. I have been a good bond servant; slaving away for others, always giving them 110%, to earn a paycheck, so I could provide a decent life for my daughter. If you have ever listened to the song “In My Daughter’s Eyes” by Martina McBride, it sums up my feelings quite sincerely. I have yet to get through the entire song without shedding a tear.

Here we are 22 years later – my daughter is about to graduate with a BS in Civil Engineering, and she is the most incredibly intelligent, talented young woman. She is how I know that I can be successful at something, as she is my greatest accomplishment to date. She deserves a great deal of the credit as well. While I supplied financial and emotional support, she had to successfully complete the academic piece. Alas, my nest is now entirely empty; there is no one else to work on but me, and I am consumed with this drive to find my real purpose.

At the marketing event, John spoke of the need to bring your mind into alignment with your heart. “Find your creative inner source, commit to it, and it will provide clarity”, John stated. There’s that word that has had me searching – clarity. I have had no doubt that it is through networking and internet marketing that I will find my niche and subsequently my audience. I also believe I have finally found the system and product that is the right vehicle for me.

If you have read my other blogs, you know that I have dabbled in MLM in the past, but this time is different. This time is for keeps, so when I say in my twitter bio that I am buying my life back one day at a time, I mean it literally. I will buy one day back from the job, then two, then all of them. I will lead the life of creativity and service I am meant to, and helping people is the largest ingredient in this recipe. I don’t need to give anyone some slick sales pitch. I just need to be a genuine soul – that part is easy. The people out there who can relate to my generation and my experiences will be astute enough to judge my character, and make the decision to learn with me, or not. It is my sincere desire to take away some of the angst that especially some of the more mature home based business opportunity seekers may have, by giving them the benefit of what I know and inspiring them to do it for themselves.

I had never heard of John prior to last week, but I am very glad his life crossed paths with mine. I certainly feel that was it not for my past life experiences, I would not have had the strength and perseverance to look within for my real purpose, and for the first time act on it with genuine faith! I think John can probably relate to that as well. Who knows – if my daughter had not seen my hard work and determination which came out of unconditional love, she may not have overcome some of her obstacles and become the fine young woman she is today either. What I do know is this; I want to make her very proud of the lady that is her mother.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get a tissue and go call her and tell her that I love her.

P.S. If you read this blog to the end, I thank you. If it speaks to you or you feel it can inspire someone else, please share it. A stranger was giving enough to bear his soul to inspire me, and this is my way of paying it forward. Thanks to both Kubassek brothers for their leadership and tenacity.