Remember how you felt when you were looking for the right home based business opportunity for you? Put yourself back in that same mindset when meeting new people and dealing with prospects.

Personally, I find getting to know a little bit about someone easy. But, then again, I would talk to a fence post. For some people it can be a stumbling block. What some people don’t realize is, you do this in your daily life anyway. Work your business while you are already out and about. No need to force yourself to go out and about just to work your business. The only difference is, now you are looking to come away with the contact information for your new friend.

As a women, I notice lots of things about people, from what they are wearing, to how they interact with other people. This opens up areas for compliments, and people just do not hear these positive comments nearly enough! Compliment them about their purse, shoes, children – and yes men, you can do this too with what you feel comfortable with, just don’t make it sound like you are trying to pick someone up. People always want to talk about their children. If you are addressing a man you could compliment his tie, his car, or ask about the cool gadget or pda he’s using.

Be genuine and keep it light. Find out what they do for a living, how this economy is effecting that industry, etc., etc. Get them talking, and you do the listening. All the while in that databank brain of yours, you are finding their hot button. What would motivate them to want to become involved in your business and work from home? For yourself, you are assessing if this is someone you feel you could work with. Remember, while it is not your place to pre-judge or decide for them, there will be some people who you just cannot see yourself working with, and that is okay. If you have to drag them to it, you will have to drag them through it. Not everyone is going to look at your business opportunity the same as you.

You can even eliminate some of these steps by working with a system that sorts the tire kickers from the serious prospects first, then you call and introduce yourself and get to know a little bit about them. With a good system, you don’t have to be a “salesperson” at all. Let the system do the work for you, and be prepared to show your new team member exactly what you did to find them.

To learn more about the system I mention above, you can check it out here.