Probably like many people, I have “dabbled” off and on with ways to make a little extra money from home for years. I’ve sold jewelry, make up, prepaid phone cards (really got burned on this one), Amway, and I’m sure two or three other things I have long since forgotten. The names don’t really matter – the end results were always the same. Talk your family and friends in to hosting parties, you pack up and lug your stuff, spend time away from your home, end up giving the hostess “great deals”, and you make no money.

For quite some time now, I’ve been watching the advent of the internet change the face of marketing. It has opened up limitless possibilities to start and successfully run your own home based business. Enter a new dilemma – how do you know which home based jobs are legitimate and which ones are scams?

I’ve got some great recommendations of areas to evaluate that I will be sharing with you over the next couple of blogs. To jump ahead and see where my research and experiences lead me, you can check it out here.